Deap Valley are duo Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards who met each other at the most unlikely of places- a knitting club! The two girls are from California and cite influences as diverse as Prince and Led Zeppelin.

Debut single 'Gonna Make My Own Money' is a rocking, stomping, blues drenched anthem with a hint of White Stripes about it. The vocals drip with attitude and sassiness with the empowering lyrics “don't you understand I'm gonna make my own money”

Deap Valley have been a massive hit on both sides of the ocean, with their live shows getting rave reviews. They are playing the Reading and Leeds festival this year as well as London's 1234 Festival on the 1st September. If the dirty fuzz of 'Gonna Make My Own Money' is anything to go by, these  girls have a bright future ahead of them, and will be well worth checking out.

Single Review
Deap Vally
Gonna Make My Own Money

Review by Hayley Foster Da Silva

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