There has been a lot of positive press around all girl band Dum Dum Girls- originally the solo project of singer and guitarist Dee Dee (real name Kirsten Gundred)- the popularity of her self released EP's meant that she was soon snapped up by Sub Pop Records. Soon Dee Dee found herself a band so that the music could be toured, and both albums I Will Be and Only in Dreams received positive reviews and critical acclaim.

So late last month, when the news that they would be releasing a new EP called End of Daze was announced, there was a buzz of excitement in the air to see what the girls next release would be like. A single from the upcoming release is available now, the single ‘Lord Knows’ which has already been getting rave reviews including being featured as Pitchfork's best new track. The song has a more mature element to it and a surround sound dream like effect.

Single Review
Dum Dum Girls
End Of Daze EP

End of Daze has four tracks in total, two of which were written immediately after their second album and were recorded with Sune Rose Wagner of The Raveonettes- which is interesting, as I racked my brains trying to think if there was any band I could compare the music on this EP to, I felt compelled to mention The Raveonettes. The songs on this E.P have that same lo-fi, dreamy, indie pop and gentle vocal range feel to them as their music tends to have. Both 'Mine Tonight' and 'I Got Nothing' have a lovely layered feel to them, starting off minimal and then adding more elements as the song progresses - for example, 'I Got Nothing' starts with a rhythmic drumming pattern before the bass and vocals gently kick in, then as the chorus hits the sound feels larger and wider - it's a delight to the ears. The songs were originally intended to be b-sides but were put aside, to be put on a more atmospheric release- this EP certainly is, and I am for one, am glad they were included, as they are my personal favourite tracks on the EP.

The other songs are 'Trees and Flowers', their even more dreamy take of a song by Strawberry Switchblade and 'Season in Hell' the final and most upbeat track of the EP. The whole of End of Daze feels like a beautiful summery indie pop dream. I can certainly see myself getting totally immersed.

Dum Dum Girls will be playing in Norway at the end of this month, followed by an extensive tour taking in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany, before heading to their homeland of the USA. You can find tour dates on their Facebook Page.

Review by Hayley Foster Da Silva

Listen to ‘Lord Knows’