Any album that has a title like The Body of Christ and the Legs of Tina Turner is bound to intrigue and I can confirm that the second album by Irish alternative rockers Fight Like Apes is certainly worth exploring further.

The album kicks off with 'Come On, Let's Talk About Our Feelings' which sets the tone of the whole album ahead - a fun, energetic album which is certainly not for the faint hearted or for people who prefer quieter music.

Not only is this album really punchy and catchy with choruses that are destined to get stuck in your head for days, the lyrics are also extremely witty and had me laughing out loud looking like I was crazy as I walked around with the album blasting into my ears going about my daily business. You can't help but smile at the childish

silliness that most of these songs contain.

If you appreciate music with a bit of fizz and plenty of fun, then I would definitely suggest you give this album a try, as it's the most fun album I've heard for ages and certainly made my gloomy summer days a bit more bearable.

Review by Hayley Foster Da Silva

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