As We Move Silently is the second album proper from French musician Helluvah- real name Camille Warme. She started playing in a band called Fog back in 1999, and then progressed onto her own solo songwriting, began touring Europe extensively and released her debut album Emotions Pills back in 2008. She signed to French label 'Le Label Etrange' and got bass player and drummer Bob X to join her to create the rockier sounding As We Move Silently.

I had seen some promotional material for Helluvah citing her as Riot Grrrl, but on first artificial listen I wondered why this was, however the more I listened, it grew more and more on me and I started to notice the many layers this album has, including a definite Riot Grrrl influence- in particular on the song 'Monster Lunch'.

The album has dark undertones running through the songs with the possible exceptions of 'Santa Fe' in which she pulls out a ukulele, and 'Snow' where she has a tinker with the

Album Review
As We Move Silently

piano.  Lyrically the songs are great too, my favourites were 'Patriakill' with it's lyrics “give me my emotion pills, I would like to sound real, I'm so confused, what is love, what is abuse?” and 'Kids on Crash' - “the kids on crash, will smash up who you are” - the latter song seemed like just another dark brooding indie song to begin with, but the more I listened, I found I started getting it stuck in my head and realised this song and all the other songs on this album are so much more than that.

If you're a fan of PJ Harvey and Sleater Kinney, I think that you will probably enjoy this album.

Review by Hayley Foster Da Silva

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