Compasses and Maps is the debut album from Brooklyn based band Jezzy and the Belles. They are the musical project of lead singer Jessica Eisenberg. The singer was brought up on a diet of classical and Latin music, influenced by her parents. She learnt to play violin and various styles of guitar, but eventually when her last band disbanded she decided to work on her own project alongside producer Ilia Bias.

The result is Compasses and Maps, a debut album that's been influenced by Jezzy's' travels around the globe and the various musical influences she's picked up along the way. The album reflects her varied musical past, as many genres feature in the songs. 'Does it Make You Feel Like a Man?' arguably the best track builds up into an epic chorus with rock guitar, 'Compasses and Maps' is a slow ballad with mournful trumpets and 'Dual Coloured Umbrella' has an element of country music. The sound that is consistent with this album and would seem to be the trademark of Jezzy and

Album Review
Jezzy & The Belles
Compasses & Maps

the Belles sound is Jezzy's gentle, dreamy vocals and an element of psychedelia that seems to run throughout particularly on 'Confess Child' with it's almost tribal fast paced drumming and outer space sounds.

It will be interesting to see which direction Jessica Eisenberg takes this project in the future.

Jezzy and The Belles are planning to tour the U.S this summer, but no dates have been announced as yet.

Review by Hayley Foster Da Silva

Watch the video for ‘Confess Child’