Local Girls aren't an all female band, and they are definitely not a girl band. The four members of the band are from London, and the closest they get to the cutesy loved up lyrics of the sixties girl groups is in the slowest song on their debut 'Twigs' - “Do you still think I'm pretty?” But the closest song to a ballad on Deluxe Kicks also has possibly the best line I've ever heard in a 'love' song when lead singer Ginger Bitter shouts “Stick it up your arse!”

‘Twigs’ is the last song on the debut album from Local Girls but what I've said about the song may give you an inkling of what you can expect from the rest of this album. Yes, the music drips with attitude and sassiness. Guitars thrash, bass guitars are turned up, drums are set to full throttle and the almost spoken word like singing has all the markings of the 'I don't give a damn' attitude often associated with punk.

The lyrics are witty and some of the songs riffs will be stuck with you for days afterwards like the awesome '12' and the

Album Review
Local Girls
Deluxe Kicks

dirty, crunchy sound of the song 'Cuckoo'. There are some songs that have an almost Brit Pop feel about them, like the song 'Jesus Complex Man' which feels like an Elastica song sped up, and it works!

Deluxe Kicks is an album for those who like their rock n' roll loud, fast and with an attitude problem. What more can I say? Rock on!

Review by Hayley Foster Da Silva

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