‘Nobody Everyone’ by Weekend Debt starts with what sounds like a drunken answerphone message, a 3 second misdirection that does not prepare you for the avalanche of instruments that suddenly engulfs you. VU meters peak, eardrums flex and this boxing match of a track bobs, weaves, ducks, and dives. There are raining blows from the power chords and pounding bass of Grant Scott, Calvin Smith and Russell McInnes and these are kept in check by the footwork of drummer Harvey Boyle who floats like a butterfly and stings like a sledgehammer.

The song channels the “bottled-up emotions about a breakup” and it’s a great evocation of the unrequited rage that goes hand in hand with a split. It has the raw energy of the Arctic Monkeys first album; lean and hungry, taught and titanic in scale. Art schools and dull home towns must be responsible for around 90% of the bands that have ever formed, and guitarist Calvin Smith says “The band really started out of sheer boredom. Being from Lanark in Scotland, there is not a lot to do”. So huge thanks to boredom for bringing Weekend Debt into the world and let’s hope there’s an album following soon.

‘Nobody Everyone’ is out now on Disobedient Records

Grant Scott – Lead vocals and guitar
Calvin Smith – Guitar
Russell McInnes – Bass
Harvey Boyle – Drums

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Review by Paul F Cook

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