Video of the Day: Joni Belaruski – Death Drive

Northern Irish artist Joni Belaruski first came to our attention at a joint show in London with artist/musician Lupen Crook a couple of years back, and while we showed up for Lupen’s work, Belaruski’s dark imagery, bleeding trails of black ink down the canvas left a lasting impression.

Now she’s released a video collaboration with video artist Laura Henry-Baird depicting the process of creating a wall painting, set to Mark Lanegan Band’s ‘Gray Goes Black’.  Artfully shot and capturing the essence of both the creative process and of the work itself it’s a fascinating insight into an intriguing artist and stands up as a performance piece in its own right (and it’s got magpies too, which is always a good thing in our book).

Watch ‘Death Drive’: /

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