Video of the Day: De Lux – Oh Man The Future

This track suffers from a split personality: the smooth bass, twinkling keys and disco-funk guitar twangs suggest a breezy summer pop tune.  Pleasant.  Breezy.  Laid back.  Quite the opposite of frontman Sean Guerin’s anxious fever dream stream of consciousness ramblings about a dystopian future.  The two parts combine to create a curious and compelling tune, somewhat reminiscent of Talking Head’s classic ‘Once In A Lifetime’.  To confuse things even further, the video follows the LA duo cruising through a distinctly non-futuristic suburb in a knackered old ice cream van.

Check out the intriguing web of contradictions that is ‘Oh Man The Future’ below:

‘Oh Man The Future’ is taken from De Lux’s second album ‘Generation’, out now on Innovative Leisure.

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