Eighteen Nightmares At The Lux guest on The Joyzine Radio Radio Show

London psychobilly outfit Eighteen Nightmares at the Lux share their latest releases and pick some of their favourite tracks for this week’s playlist alongside the usual selection of great new independent music.

Listen live at www.croydonradio.com from 7-9pm on Wednesday or catch the podcast from Thursday morning.


Last week’s show with a live session by Mike Gale of Co-pilgrim and an album of the week from Love Buzzard is available to stream or download as a podcast from http://croydonradio.com/podcast/show.php…

Here’s the playlist:

Broken Soundtracks – Turn Your Face To The Wire
Love Buzzard – Cash
Mike Gale – Save The Queen Blazer (live)
Guided By Voices – Watch Me Jumpstart
Co-Pilgrim – You’re So Good To Me
Mike Gale – Offing (live)
Michael Cera – Clay Pigeons
Co-Pilgrim – You Come Over You Go
Mike Gale – Echo In My Dreams
Elis Regina & Antonio Carlos Jobim – Aguas De Marco
Mike Gale – Cylindrical Fire Escapes
Beans on Toast – NOLA Honeymoon
The Future Shape Of Sound – Rise Up
Love Buzzard – Passion
Eighteen Nightmares at the Lux – Asphyxia
Batteries – Human Requirements
Vienna Ditto – Feeling Good
Dana Jade – Little Sister
Dedwardians – Love Sick
The Sly Persuaders – Steve McQueen
Love Buzzard – Superglue
Frauds – Just Come of Age
The Woolen Men – After The Flood
Tankus the Henge – Weather
This Other Kingdom – The Day, Your Day
Le Butcherettes Official – Shave The Pride
Mike Krol – Neighbourhood Watch
Love Buzzard – Give It Some Range

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