Single Review: Zooz – True Love

‘Surf Rock’ isn’t a genre of music that I am particularly knowledgeable in, however as soon as the first riff of this track, by East London duo Zooz, kicked in, I was suddenly transported to the shores of California, LA and Miami . If I’m honest I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this track as much as I did. I was pleasantly surprised!

The more I listened to this track, the more I enjoyed it. Its catchy chorus will have you singing for hours and you will find yourself subtly swaying along to the detuned guitars and obscure vocals. The chorus may get stuck in your head for days to come, but that’s no bad thing right? ‘True Love’ is one of those singles where you can listen to it, relax and just forget about the world.

If you like experimental, indie, alternative styles of rock, you will most definitely love ‘True Love’. Zooz will transport you to a dreamland where you will feel like anything is possible. I can see a big future for this duo ahead!

Review by Amy Rush Da Silva

‘True Love’ is out now on Superfan 99 Records.  Catch them live on November 11th at The Boileroom, Guildford

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