Video of the Day: Pesky! – Unbelievable

Over the years I’ve sat through hours upon hours of children’s music lessons.  Hours of enthusiastic, arhythmic banging, twanging and plonking.  I’ve had my eadrums blasted by farting trumpets and shredded by nails-on-a-blackboard violins.  So when a single by a seven-piece band of twelve years olds appeared in the Joyzine inbox, I was apprehensive to say the least.

Imagine my surprise then when the smooth, hazy shoegaze of ‘Unbelievable’ drifted out of the speakers.  Perhaps if I had read on before clicking play it would have come as less of a surprise – Pesky!, who formed after playing together at a guitar club at their junior school in Cumbria, are signed to the peerless Fierce Panda Records, who know a thing or two about unearthing talent in the last place you’d think to look.

Recorded on an iPad in a school classroom, their debut album Smells Like Tween Spirit is the embodiment of the DIY spirit that labels such as Fierce Panda have always represented, and it’s got some pretty nifty tunes on it too.

Unbelievable is released on 16th October.

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