The Joyzine Radio Playlist: 10 tracks from our favourite new releases and upcoming gigs

We’re hoping to bring you some news soon of when Croydon Radio will return to the airwaves, but in the meantime we’ll be bringing you a ten track playlist every week to fill the Joyzine shaped hole in your Wednesday.  Here’s this week’s selection:

1) Urusei Yatsura – Slain By Elf
To say that Joyzine editor Paul Maps was a little excited when he heard the news of an Urusei Yatsura retrospective would be something of an understatement, indeed we’re still trying to stop him from dancing maniacally around Joyzine HQ several weeks later.  The occasion is the 20th anniversary of the Glasgow lo-fi heroes’ debut full length We Are Urusei Yatsura and to celebrate they’ll be releasing an 11 track collection of their BBC sessions on Rocket Girl Records, titled You Are My Urusei Yatsura.

2) Pixies – Talent
We’re still undecided as to whether or not the Pixies return to making records was a wise move, but tracks like this one from new album Head Carrier (out on 30th September through Pixiesmusic/Play It Again Sam) are going some way to swaying us from our scepticism.

3) The Calais Sessions – Kandahar
Last year a group of international musicians visited ‘The Jungle’ refugee and migrant camp in Calais in search of musicians with whom to collaborate.  Within days they had begun writing and recording songs in a make-shift onsite studio and the resulting album The Calais Sessions ended up featuring more than 150 artists from around the globe, absorbing influences from Sudanese drum circle to Afghan pop.  The record is out now with all proceeds donated to the Citizen’s UK charity and the refugee musicians who feature on the record.

4) Piano Wire – Get A Life
Former 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster duo Sym and Andy return with a vicious new double a-side single.  The band described their mental image of the song as “Dorian Gray getting whipped whilst handcuffed to the ceiling by his lover before going out to save the universe.”

5) Exploded View – Orlando
Mexican / German four piece Exploded View released their self-titled debut earlier this month and have just finished the UK leg of a European tour.  Taken from the album, ‘Orlando’ showcases their dark mix of post-punk rhythms and trip-hop atmospherics.

6) The Wimmin’s Institute – Nando’s
7) Dolls – Kid Kannibal
8) Vodun – Mawu
9) Desperate Journalist – Leave Home
T-Chances in Tottenham plays host to the Loud Women all-dayer on Saturday, with a host of excellent female fronted bands and solo artists.  No less than 25 will perform across two stages, including all four of these from our playlist, and at £10 a ticket it’s an absolute

10) Lekiddo Lord of the Lobsters – Lychees
In all of the years that we’ve been making Joyzine (13 at the last count), we’ve yet to find anyone so enthusiastic, charming and utterly bonkers as Lekiddo Lord of the Lobsters.  Picture if you will 90s TV legend Mr Motivator as a conceptual artist with a mystical control over large marine crustaceans and you’ll be somewhere close.

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