Single Review: M O S E S – Leave Leave Leave

Snarling out of the blocks and barely pausing for breath in a frenetic and hook laden three and a half minutes, ‘Leave Leave Leave’ is a confident and catchy debut single from London based four piece M O S E S.

Cramp inducing guitar riffs compete with a rhythm section coming on like a furious metronome, football chant backing vocals swirl about while a massive chorus assaults your visage and sticks in your cranium after barely one listen. Victor, a native of Bucharest and the front man, has a voice that sounds like the bastard progeny of an east end villain and a mischievous imp. Endearing and sweet yet punchy and strong at the same time.

Reminiscent of who could care less, their own polished and fierce sound will ram raid your sub conscious and settle in regardless of the calibre of comparison. The band have already picked up a couple of high profile support slots with Jimmy Eat World and The Enemy and are sure to be blowing audiences away in a venue near you soon, the least you could do is be there.

A kinetic blast with visceral force yet pleasingly anchored in melody, this is a sure footed opening salvo from one of the bands to watch in 2017.

Review by Sean Daly

Watch the video for ‘Leave Leave Leave’ here:

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