The Joyzine Advent Calendar: Day 3 of Free Downloads from our favourite artists

It’s day three on The Joyzine Advent Calendar and today we have a double helping of exclusive recordings from a pair of bands who have recently appeared on The Joyzine Radio Show.


Track #1: French for Cartridge – Roses (Sans Orchestre)

Husband and wife avant-pop duo French for Cartridge released their third album The Golden Hour yesterday.  Recorded in collaboration with London based chamber orchestra CHROMA Ensemble and Grammy award winning mixing engineer S. Husky Höskulds (whose previous collaborations include Tom Waits and My Brightest Diamond), the album reflects the current climate of global turbulence with themes of war, loss and environmental destruction woven into its fabric in an album that veers from faux-naif nursery rhyme to apocalyptic doom-pop.

They’re launching the new LP with a series of listening parties.  Taking their theme from the album’s title (The Golden Hour being the time immediately after sunrise or before sunset in which the softer sunlight often makes for dramatic skies), the parties will be held out of doors in the hour preceding sunset, with the aim of encouraging “friends and fans to take a break from their busy lives and come together for a moment of contemplation and come up with a plan of action; discuss what needs attending around us – in our neighbourhoods, our countries or further afield – and do something about it.”  Details of the parties can be found at the band’s website, and they’re encouraging fans to set up their own gatherings too.

Today, we have an exclusive version of opening track ‘Roses’, recorded without CHROMA, which gives the track a more minimalist feel – it was premiered during their appearance on The Joyzine Radio Show earlier this week.

Download ‘Roses (Sans Orchestre)


Track #2: The Wimmin’s Institute – Nando’s (Live)

DIY feminist supergroup The Wimmin’s Institute were the last band to appear at our original studio, before Croydon Radio relocated to swanky new premises, and bassist Cassie was back on the show last week to talk about a new compilation being released in the new year by her Loud Women promotion which features a host of Joyzine faves including Dolls, Deux Furieuses, Argonaut and The Wimmin’s Institute themselves.

They play The Memepunks 5th Anniversary show at Nambucca tonight, along with Redhead.  Tickets are £8 on the door.

They’ve provided us with a live version of ‘Nando’s’, a tale of sexual harassment and medium hot chicken which was one of the stand-out tracks from their debut album Badass Lady Power Picnic, which came out last year.  It’s even got sleigh bells on it to keep you in the festive spirit.

Download ‘Nando’s (Live Version)’

Check back tomorrow for more great free music.

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