The Joyzine Advent Calendar – Day 11 of free downloads fromn our favourite artists

Welcome to day eleven of free musical downloads on The Joyzine Advent Calendar.

As those of you who’ve been paying attention will know, we’ve packed up the Joyzine supercomputer and upped sticks to a new HQ in Tooting.  We’ll always have Croydon in our hearts, and what with our show on Croydon Radio and our To Hell With Good Intentions gig nights at awesome CR0 venue Hoodoo’s, we’re not abandoning the town that was our home for the best part of a decade.

We’ve been fortunate enough to catch some great bands in our new postcode, and we’ve a couple of them for you behind today’s calendar window.


Track #1: Vienna Ditto – The Cambric Shirt

Long-term Joyzine favourites Vienna Ditto dropped in to the Tooting Tram and Social in September and were also guests on The Joyzine Radio Show last month.  They recently released a stupefyingly splendorous new EP ‘Busted Flush’, the follow-up to the similarly wonderful ‘Ticks’, released in May – both are available through their Bandcamp page and come with our highest recommendation.

Vienna Ditto see out the year with an NYE show at The Fermain Tavern in St. Peter Port, Guernsey and return to the mainland for a hometown gig at Reading’s Rising Sun Arts Centre on 27th January with the ever awesome August List.

Today we have an exclusive recording of their version of folk standard ‘The Cambric Shirt’, which they’ve wrapped up in an eerie electronic windstorm which swirls around Hattie’s ethereal vocal.

Download ‘The Cambric Shirt’


Track#2: Squier Squier – The Art of Being =

Squier Squier first came to our attention as one ninth (or occasionally tenth or even fourteenth) of art punk marching band Perhaps Contraption, who last month staged a series of parades around the streets of Tooting as part of the London Jazz festival – check out our pictures from the parade here.

Squier releases his debut solo album Oversleep on 16th December, and it’s available to pre-order now through his Bandcamp page.  Recorded in bursts over the course of three years, the album mixes swirling psych folk with brass, woodwind, processed drums and intricate electronics.  Today, we have a little teaser for you in the form of album opener ‘The Art of Being =’.

Download ‘The Art of Being =’

Check back tomorrow for even more free downloads!

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