The Joyzine Advent Calendar – Day 17 of free downloads from our favourite artists

We’ve reached day 17 of The Joyzine Advent Calendar and we have another triple helping of free downloadable delights for you today, this time in the form of three tracks from bands who’ve graced the stage at our To Hell With Good Intentions night at Hoodoo’s in Croydon.

The night, which we co-promote with our favourite local punks Frauds, is now a year old and has witnessed blistering performances from Love Buzzard, Clever Thing, Here Are The Young Men & Uncle Peanut, Mystified, Rat The Magnificent, Happy Meal Ltd., Stephen Evens (twice), JOHN, Ghosts of Dead Airplanes, Dusty Boners, Ghost Kings of the Five Regions, Mummy, Krak Krak, Dym, local bands Bugeye, Junkyard Choir, The Jonbarr Hinge, Electric Trees, Here Be Monsters and of course Frauds themselves.  We’ll be unveiling the line-up for our next show, which takes place on Saturday 4th February, very soon.


Track #1: Bugeye – Disco Dancer

Local power trio Bugeye have been mashing up early Blondie new wave punk and crunchy grunge chords with a dash of disco pop glitter all over venues in London and beyond this year.  They released the Never Let You Go EP in the summer and have been working on its follow up, which we expect to see the light of day in early 2017.

Bugeye will be our guests on Wednesday’s edition of The Joyzine Radio Show (details here) and today we have a free download of their track ‘Disco Dancer’ to further build your anticipation.

Download ‘Disco Dancer’


Track #2: Rat The Magnificent – Up The Street

Rat the Magnificent shared a stage with Bugeye for our August show.  The four piece, who count members of Art Brut, Sunshine Republic, Brenda and DYWO amongst their number, played a storming set of raw, bruised post-punk and have been one of the THWGI bands that we’ve been asked about most frequently since.

They have a new record in the offing and whilst details are currently scarce, we do have a sneak preview for you in the form of new track ‘Up The Street’.

Download ‘ Up The Street’


Track #3: Hot Sauce Pony – Christmas in Prison

Comprised of two quarters of Rat The Magnificent, along with guitarist Stephen Evens (who in his solo form is the only artist other than Frauds to have performed at the night twice) and frontwoman Chesh, Hot Sauce Pony released their debut single, ‘Fenced In’ (a split 7″ release with London four-piece Gaygirl), on new label Brixton Hillbilly in November.

They’re currently piecing together their first LP, and to whet your appetite we have an exclusive demo of not-so-festive seasonal number ‘Christmas in Prison’ (not to be confused with the similarly ace 50’s doo-wop hit ‘Christmas in Jail‘ by The Youngsters).

Download ‘Christmas in Prison (demo)’

Check back tomorrow for more free downloads!

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