Album Review: Crocodiles – Dreamless

Beware reader! This is going to be one hell of a biased review. Last year I declared Dreamless by Crocodiles as my favourite record of the year. I’d mention it to anyone who would listen/to anyone who had the misfortune of being my friend. It’s one of their strongest records, and I’m going to lay it on thick as to why it is so great.

The record opens with ‘Telepathic Lover’. Even if you know about this great band, you’ll hear ‘Telepathic Lover’ and you’ll just fall madly in love with Brandon’s voice and the beauty in the lyrics. Lyrically it is my favourite song they’ve done. I was always adamant that ‘All My Hate And My Hexes Are For You’ was untouchable but after hearing ‘Telepathic Lover’ in May last year – it came at a time where I needed these kinds of words, this kind of song to be my crutch. I’ve always been vocal about how much their music means to me and whilst I cannot pin-point a solid reason, I just know that whenever I hear something new by them it is never going to be a replica of what they have done before. Everything on Dreamless is miles away from their first record, Summer Of Hate but by no means is this a bad thing. It’s a bloody great thing when a band can make a different sounding record each time, sub-consciously reinventing themselves but still having that sound that is their own.

‘Welcome To Hell’ is a really dirty sounding track that makes you feel like you are stalking the streets with Brandon and Charlie. I love the line, “Don’t put up a fight, your money or your life” And the subtle viciousness that’s in it but hey, if you know these guys you’ll know that they are so far from that. It’s one of my favourite tracks off the record; it’s got this rugged sound to it that makes you keep playing it over and over. Lyrically, ‘Time To Kill’ is one of the greatest songs they’ve written. It’s pretty apt for how the whole world is shaping up now.

It’s the kind of record you play when you need your mood picking up or when you want to feel a little less alone.  If you’ve never checked out their music before, go way back to Summer Of Hate and work your way up to Dreamless. They take you on a journey, bur you can also hear the trip they’ve taken themselves to make each record and how they really put a lot of care into what they do. They’re a bunch of passionate musicians who make you equally passionate about what they do. Hardest working band I know? More than likely. Most underrated? Oh it’s absolutely criminal how underrated they are. If you’ve not heard it yet or not bought a copy, go treat yourself this weekend. You deserve it. Oh, and play it loud. Roam the streets with it blaring in your ears. It’s one of those records that with each listen, you find a new reason to love it and to love the band. Perfect.

Review by Olivia Cellamare

Watch the video fo ‘Telepathic Lover’ below:

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