Video of the Day: Guided by Voices – 5° Degrees On The Inside

Last week, Guided by Voices released their latest LP August By Cake on their own Rockathon Records.  Incredibly it marks the 100th studio album by their frontman Robert Pollard in a career that began with 1986’s Forever Since Breakfast.  That’s more than three per year!

The figure is remarkable enough in itself, more than many people own let alone create, but what makes Bob & co. a true treasure is that ‘5° Degrees On The Inside’, the latest track to be shared from his centurion release, maintains the same oddball lo-fi charm that has defined GBV’s sound over the past three of decades.  Check out the video below which manages to cram in plenty of Pollard recordings past (I haven’t counted to see if all 100 made it). /

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