Podcast: The Joyzine Radio Show, 09.08.17

The Joyzine Radio Show will be taking a couple of weeks off as Wandsworth Radio moves into swanky new premises on the edge of Battersea Park.  We’ll be back with some exciting guest announcements in September, in the meantime feat your ears on our final podcast from the original studio and checkout the playlist with links to all of the bands played below:

The Severed Limb – Ooh My My
The Darts – The Cat’s Meow
The Burning Hell – Friend Army
Deerhoof ft. Jenn Wasner – I Will Spite Survive
Skating Polly – Perfume for Now
deux furieuses – Silenced by the Roar
Sonic Youth – Kool Thing
Cassels – Coup
Psycho Comedy – The Hangman
DOLLS – Kid Kannibal
YVES – You Wanna Know
Grim Fiction – Dream Sequence
Young Sawbones – Blindman Comes
Guided By Voices – Just To Show You
Frauds – Do Less To Impress

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