Album Review: Table Scraps – Autonomy

For the past couple of years, Birmingham’s finest band Table Scraps have been making a beautiful noise on and off stage. Now it is time for the band to get even louder, and show the world just how great they are with their new record due for release on 23rd February.

Cast aside any lazy comparisons you wish to lob about when listening to the record or Table Scraps in general. Nothing can compare to them and going by this incredible record, nothing and no-one can touch them. In my biased opinion, it is probably going to be one of the best records we will hear all year. I’m already putting it in my Top 5 – if I were to make such a list.

Table Scraps have been around for some time now and they truly have honed their sound and have the kind of beautiful confidence in this record that is usually only found in bands who are on their third or fourth LP. It’s such an effortlessly cool record. I hate the word “cool” but sometimes nothing else will do. It’ll make you play it as loud as you can. Piss off your neighbours with how loud you play it, they’ll end up thanking you soon enough.

Every song on the record just leaves you wanting and needing more. As someone who has been obsessed with Table Scraps for a while, I am so proud of what they have achieved with this record. I’ve said it so many times about Poppy – she is truly one of the best drummers around. If you were going to form your dream band, she’d be the one you’d want beating the shit out of the drum kit. The sheer loudness of this record is enough to make you quit your job in an unapologetic manner and start a band.

Describing something as “phenomenal” can be quite a misleading or even an unnecessary comment, but in this instance I am certain that it is one word that can most certainly be used to describe Autonomy. It’s one of those records that make you so excited for what the band are going to do next and their future. It really psyches you up for their live shows too. There is no band around like this, and that’s what just makes you treasure them.

Table Scraps have a sound that just oozes confidence and has a raw Punk nature to it. Pretty sure Lester Bangs would get excited about this band if he was still around. I wish he was still around. But anyway! This record will simply fuel your obsession with this band and all things loud. It’s got this brilliant snarl to it that just makes you become transfixed with the whole record. I can’t possibly pick a favourite song off the record, I know it sounds so painfully clichéd (and biased, yes) but this is record full of songs that fit perfectly. Play it in order, play it in no order – just buy it and play it as loud as you can.

Review by Olivia Cellamare

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