Fightmilk on The Joyzine Radio Show tomorrow + The Cavemen and How To Swim on the podcast

London power-pop four piece Fightmilk join us live in the Wandsworth Radio studio on Wednesday evening from 7-8pm to talk about their upcoming tour of Germany with fellow Joyzine faves The Indelicates and to share some unreleased tracks from their upcoming debut album.

Listen live at on Wednesday from 7-8pm or get the podcast from

Cover photo by Polly Mackenzie

Last week’s show was a two-hour special featuring guests The Cavemen and How To Swim, we’ve carved the podcast into two easily digestible chunks for you:


Bloc Party – The Marshalls Are Dead
Piney Gir – Mouse of a Ghost
The Cavemen – Swamp Thing
Hobbyist – Empty Vessel Man
BIG & THE FAT – Crack Crack
The Cavemen – Love for Evil
Thurston Moore – Mx Liberty
Porter Wayne Wagoner – Rubber Room
Dream Giant – New Love
The Cavemen – Stand By Your Ghoul
Ty Segall – Meaning


How to Swim – Bones
Bo Gritz – You Just Cover
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band – Harry Irene
How to Swim – Midnight Steak
John Dredge & The Plinths – Going Down
Lambchop is a Band – Up With People
How to Swim – Dill Pickle
How to Swim – Long Division
Fightmilk – Pity Party

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