Single Review: Thurston Moore – Mx Liberty

A metronome like drumbeat, with an insistent one chord refrain that soon morphs into a chunky as fuck riff, from the off, Thurston Moore’s latest single release is full of anger, resentment and barely contained rage. Moore’s barking, and almost instructional, vocals sound like a call to arms against the current political situation in the US. The spiky, upbeat pace of the song powered by the afore mentioned riff drives the track and has the texture and tempo of SY’s ‘Catholic Block’ and feels like the unwanted (yet expected) relation to ‘Youth Against Fascism’.

Moore’s guitar twists and turns throughout the 4+ minutes and gives way to a surprisingly catchy chorus that suggests “a whisper of a storm. Ignite her torch to keep you warm”. A final third breakdown ramps up the noise and layers of guitar, yet the beat never gives up, before launching back into the last verse and an abrupt finish.

Spitting out lyrics over driving guitar and unremitting pounding drums, this is Thurston Moore (and band) at their very best. Essential in these turbulent times and a reminder that guitar music is very much alive and kicking serious arse.

Review by Ioan Humphreys

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