Live In Pictures: Margo’s Living Room Live! at The Windmill, Brixton Ft. Uncle Tesco, Alice & The Bugs, Mangö + Gold Baby

Tonight’s entertainments at South London rock & roll institution The Windmill are being laid on by Hermitage Works Studios, the Manor House rehearsal space that also plays home to the ever excellent Margo’s Living Room live sessions (previous visitors have included Joyzine faves such as The Sly Persuaders, Calva Louise and Dolls), from which today’s acts have been selected.

First act Gold Baby serve up an indie-pop concoction with a definite US slacker influence that has a similar effect on the listener to those sweets that have a sugary crust around sour core.  You know that the sharpness is coming, but that doesn’t make it any less powerful when it hits you.

Following on, Mangö impress with a set of sprawling psych-rock jams, gut-shakingly heavy in places and never afraid to draw out a groove just that little bit longer to make the changes all the more impactful.

Alice & The Bugs drop the tempo for a set of summery soul-tinged guitar pop.

And the night is rounded off by Uncle Tesco, whose uniformed brand of spiky observational lo-fi punk provides us with the ideal send-off.

Words and Photos by Paul Maps

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