Podcast: The Joyzine Radio Show

There were no guests on The Joyzine Radio Show this week, so we have an hour of the best new independent releases and London gig news for your listening pleasure:

Frauds – Sandwiches
Deaf Wish – Metal Carnage
Skating Polly – Camelot
She Makes War – Devastate Me
Hurtling – Summer
Mudhoney – Paranoid Core
The Fortuna POP All-Stars – You Can Hide Your Love Forever
Uncle Luc – Bones of the Days
The Vega Bodegas – A Brief History of Witchcraft
Bo Gritz – Mother
Charismatic Megafauna – Sorry
Atomic Suplex – Set It On Fire
The Fades – Caca
Urusei Yatsura – Kaytronika

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