Video of the Day: Frauds – Animals

Those of you who’ve been following the site for a while will know that we have history with Frauds, going back to our days in Croydon when we co-promoted a night at the excellent, recently semi-revived Hoodoo’s venue.  Their debut LP With Morning Toast and Jam and Juice was one of our top albums of last year and news of their new single ‘Animals’, was greeted with much jubilation around these parts.

The song is an outrageously funky post-hardcore take-down of the UK political establishment, littered with references to wheat fields and Brexit buses, but as urgent and vital and brain-jammingly catchy as it is, it’s the video that really stopped us in our tracks.

Featuring the duo clad in gimp suits and adult nappies, whilst rubbing all manner of foodstuffs into their chest and scoffing on phallic vegetables, it’s safe to say I’ll never quite be able to look Chris and Mikey in the eye in quite the same way ever again.

“How many ways can one be fucked? In this video we wanted to get physical by making something that’s visually beautiful that pushes us and our audience into real visceral reactions. Exploring the world of Kink was a lot of fun, we really went to some extreme places while putting this together. One of the main lyrics in the song is “running through the wheat fields,” which is apparently the naughtiest thing our prime minister has ever done. With that in mind it felt like the right thing to do was something a bit naughty and provocative. It comes from a place of love and we want to entertain people with our art and if that means pouring a whole bottle of full fat coke down our pants then we are willing to do that!” they say, as Chris picks the remnants of a tomato ball-gag from his teeth and Mikey rinses the last of the cola from his PVC hotpants.

Frauds play Loud Noises Fest at The Birdcage in Portsmouth on 14th November before supporting Vulgarians at The Shacklewell Arms in London on 26th November and joining the celebrations for The Mother’s Ruin birthday bash in Bristol on 1st December.


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