Track by Track: It’s Briiiiiixmaaaaaas! The Brixton Hill All-Stars talk us through their festive offering ft. Black Midi, Hot Sauce Pony, Ham Legion & More

The good folk at Brixton Hillbilly Records are a festive bunch, and with the big day on the horizon they’re getting in the Christmas mood with a charity compilation album and Christmas Carol Concert at local rock & roll establishment The Windmill featuring a host of our favourite bands.  We got them together to talk you through the LP, which will be raising funds for local charity Brixton Soup Kitchen – make sure that you leave a copy in your loved one’s stocking come Christmas Eve.

Black Fendrix Jersk Midi, ‘Ice Cream’
Black Midi and I have been liking each other’s music for a while so I was very excited when they asked me to help out with this song. ‘Ice Cream’ is about the blizzard that hit New York in 2017.

Alessi’s Ark, ‘Winter’s Grace’
This song is about facing challenges head on and not letting the darkness set in even when it can feel engulfing… It’s a song about love and supporting one another through the tunnels of pain and out into the light again.

Ham Legion, ‘We’d Better Start Dinner’
The first you might have heard of our rag-tag group of gypsies is this bewildering and offensive contribution to our yuletide record – ‘We’d Better Start Dinner’

The tune is an ostensibly joyous celebration of the festive season which on a closer listen reveals itself to be something a little darker. Despite the unexpected and somewhat morbid twist, the characters sing out with gusto and spiritual conviction until the very end.

Bad Parents, ‘Christmas Present’
‘Christmas Present’ is a song that we’ve had in the bank since Xmas 2016 and it’s just been crying out for a soup kitchen charity album to be a part of. So when Stephen asked us if we’d write and record a single for the Brixton Hill Studios Christmas project we already had half the battle won. It is a nod to one of our favourite songwriters in the world, Christopher Owens, who we were listening to a lot in 2016. We had a lot of fun while recording it, and it was great to have Stephen playing drums on the track.

Scud FM, ‘Christmas Crime’
The song is just a traditional old fashioned Christmas tale of having your house burgled on Xmas day and the culprit even stealing your dog. If you are lucky enough to get your house drummed on the day before or on Christmas Day itself, the intensity of love and empathy from others amplifies by about 18%. And your faith in humanity is saved.

Hot Sauce Pony, ‘Christmas In Prison’
‘Christmas In Prison’ actually started off as the working title for the song. The more I thought about it though I got into the idea of that as a metaphor for when you’re feeling trapped and isolated and how those sentiments can really come to a head during the festive season. I think it ends on a positive note though, the character in the song knows of a way out…

It’s Briiiiiixmaaaaaas!, in aid of Brixton Soup Kitchen, is released through Brixton Hillbilly Records on 7th December.

The Brixton Hillbilly Christmas Carol Concert takes place at The Windmill, Brixton on Sunday 25th November and features Fonda 500, Bad Parents, Hurtling, Ham Legion and Les Futiles.  Tickets priced £5 + booking fee are available here.

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