Album Review: Calva Louise – Rhinoceros

I really like this album, it’s more 90s anglo rock than anything else, which suits me fine. Noughties-pokey-guitar-sounds are gratefully limited. There are moments of punk intervals but Calva Louise are not what their biography call “punksters”.

Rhinoceros has a nice shape to it, and like the animal, it’s rather beautiful, rare and thrillingly dangerous. I enjoy the subtle grunge influences and the brit-pop nods (for example the intro to ‘Tug Of War’ is reminiscent of Blur’s ‘There’s No Other Way’). The heavy bits are crazy-heavy! And the light bits remain imbued with integrity like a cloud.

Jess the singer is a consummate musician when she wants to be, I worked with her on my own album quite recently, all arpeggios and technique. Lovely voice too which she can manipulate as well as she can her guitar. The great Charlotte Hatherley should be her big sister.

The recordings are fat and not too dynamic with lots of imaginative weird noises. I sense a second album might be even better.

Review by Ben Fox Smith:

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