Film Review: Wild Rose

Is Wild Rose a rom-com?  The poster, with it’s big pink font and sassy urban cowgirl punching the air, makes it look like you’re in store for a new twist on Bridget Jones’s Diary (all of this is not necessarily a bad thing in my book), however this film couldn’t be further from that.  If you are expecting a feel-good rom-com this isn’t the movie for you.  But if you want to see a good story with amazing acting, powerful script and great music, go see it (just be sure you have a Kleenex or two for the sad bits).

This film is uplifting but it’s not warm and fuzzy; at times it’s gritty, it’s harsh and it’s downright uncomfortable.  Our hero is fresh out of jail with two young kids facing the logistics of house arrest and the challenges of life after prison; there is the conflict of her inner creative and the artistic struggle that juxtaposes with what a girl’s gotta do to pay the bills.  Sometimes you don’t like her, sometimes you wish she’d just grow the F up and be a better mother, a better daughter, a better person…  But that’s just it, when the muse is there, a girl’s just gotta follow it and sometimes that doesn’t make sense to anyone else; it’s wild, it’s restless and it’s real, sometimes it’s a lot of fun.  Wild Rose does a great job of conveying this conflicting spectrum; there are a lot of layers to the story making the leading lady more relatable.

Jessie Buckley captures the spirit of this heroine perfectly; making her one of the most hotly tipped new actresses on the scene.  You might remember her from reality TV as she hails from the BBC talent show-themed television series ‘I’d Do Anything’ where she placed 2nd in their search for the role of Nancy in a West End production of ‘Oliver.’  She’s subsequently moved on to other West End roles and was later the leading lady in ‘Beast’ (dir. Michael Pearce 2017).  As a big music fan from America’s Bible Belt I wondered if a reality TV star could really bring it when it comes to playing gritty country rock in toilet venues and basement bars on screen, but she really does.  I was super impressed with her vocal prowess and just how very true-to-life it all seems.  I was lucky enough to attend a screening where she did an impromptu acoustic performance after the film and I can vouch for the fact there is no need for auto-tune, Jessie Buckley has some powerful pipes!  In fact the soundtrack is out on April 12th with Island Records if you want to delve further, it’s a must for any alt-country music fans.  Here she is covering Primal Scream’s ‘Country Girl’.

Jessie is currently working with Charlie Kaufman on his new film ‘I’m Thinking Of Ending Things,’ I’m pretty sure this country girl is about to take over the world.

Review by Piney Gir

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