Video Premiere: Time Dilation Unit – Psycho Pterosaur

New wave punk psychonauts Time Dilation Unit return with the follow-up to their debut single ‘Pain In My Side’, which was selected as a track of the week by Steve Lamacq on his 6 Music show.

‘Psycho Pterosaur’ is another excellent slice of jittery sax-punk and is due for release on 24th May but we’ve got a sneak preview for you with the B Movie infused video.

Speaking of the track, the band say “It’s a very competitive world out there and social media is taking over people’s lives.  Adding extra pressure to perform for a voyeuristic society that barely actually communicates with one another in the real world. It creates an ‘always-on’ environment. It becomes addictive. The need to get more followers and likes, the yearning for attention. Add this to an already intense desire to climb social and professional ladders and you create a monster. A desperate abomination that will do anything and everything to get to the top. A Psycho Pterosaur.”

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