Single Review: Sudakistan – Automaton / Quiero Ser Tu Perro (I Wanna Be Your Dog)

Sudakistan released their second album Swedish Cobra towards the end of 2018 and it’s a mighty record where you wonder how any recording studio can contain and capture the energy of South America psych-garage. They would kill it on a bill with The Parrots and Fumaça Preta. ‘Automaton / Quiero Ser Tu Perro’ is a standalone digital and 7” release of one original and one cover.

‘Automaton’ explodes from a backwards loop into a powerhouse guitar riff and a bass line so low it makes you think the percussion could be the rattling bones of the dead. This is what Sudakistan do so well; create a sense that you are being propelled forward on a wave of sound: drums, percussion, both riff and effects-laden guitar as the hot-rod with the vocals as high-octane fuel. Close to the end there is a sublime bass and percussion section that thrums under some fine warping vocal harmonies.

There are very few bands who could take on an Iggy and the Stooges track and inject it with the same ‘needle-in-the-red’ energy that the original has but Sudakistan must have broken the glass on the VU when they nailed their take on ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’ bringing some Spanish sun to The Stooges hometown of Michigan. ‘Quiero Ser Tu Perro’ feels like a power station that’s going into meltdown and played loud enough it could probably vibrate your trousers into being on back to front.

You can buy it as a digital DL or Limited edition splatter 7” vinyl (100 copies worldwide) which comes with a Sudakistan ‘Automaton’ t-shirt and if you like this check out their two albums ‘Caballo Negro’ – the album that not only introduced me to them but the amazing Stockholm label they are on PNKSLM – and ‘Swedish Cobra’.

Sudakistan are guitarist Michell Serrano on vocals, Maikel Gonzalez – bass, Carlos Amigo – percussion, Juan Jose Espindola – drums (South America) and Arvid Sjöö – guitar (Sweden).

Review by Paul F Cook

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