Single Review: Venus – Sour

5-piece riot grrrls Venus are back with a brilliant follow up to their debut single ‘Deranged’, the as raucous as it is riotous ‘Sour’, released last week on Monomyth Records. ‘Sour’ is a punchy record, boldly blending in raw, rowdy punk and classic rock influences with a pinch of synth peppered through. Grace Kelly’s vocals are a powerhouse in their own right. Piercing and angsty, she carries and lifts the band’s sound with daring high notes falling into the beautiful cacophony of melodies and vibrant bass lines.

In their own words, the song is a statement against bullies as the band reach out to everyone who has been alienated or demonised for being who they are. Adopting riot grrrl aesthetics with its feminist activism, Venus are an exciting new addition to the queer female non-binary punk scene in the UK and that is more relevant today than ever.

Review by Anna Siemiaczko

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