Video Premiere: All American Girl – Glow

We’ve another video exclusive for you on Joyzine today, this time from glitter-strewn indie popstrels All American Girl.

‘Glow’ is the first new material that we’ve heard from the band since their debut album The Enemy in 2014 and it’s a corker, dabbling in the darker end of the mid-nineties indie waters once inhabited by the likes of Echobelly and The Auteurs and updating the sound for the twenty-tens.  There’s a great main riff, perfectly understated vocals and a proper catchy odd-pop chorus with just enough shade amongst the shimmer to keep things interesting.

The video, directed by John Clay, sees some unusual goings on in a launderette – singer/pianist Melissa Clarke Atwood putting in a mixed load of whites and colours in the machine would be enough to give my mother palpitations to start with and things get stranger still from that point onwards.

Speaking of the track, Melissa says “Have you ever been stuck in the glow?  It’s the feeling that blinds us from seeing the potentially ominous truth about ourselves, about our lives, about our loved ones.  The feeling that we run to when we need an escape from the mundanity of everyday life.  The glow transforms us, shapes our hearts and our minds.  The glow is addicting.  It’s the chemical inside us that keeps us warm and fuzzy inside.  But how warm and fuzzy can we actually be when we depend on it to survive?  The glow is that single feeling that keeps us human and reminds us that we exist.  Without it what are we?  With too much of it what can we become?  The glow is your drug to love and life.  Use it wisely.” /

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