Single Review: Yur Mum – Sweat Shop

I first heard Yur Mum through the excellent Fresh on the Net (FoTN)* resource run by musician and 6Music presenter Tom Robinson. Yur Mum describe themselves as “The greatest band in the world of unpopular music. We’re a dirty rock band…Bad jokes. Disregard for fashion.”

Sweatshop’ is just over 2 minutes of combustible material which starts with an overdriven bassline from Anelise that sounds like it’s been filtered through angry gravel. The bass line is a lit fuse that heralds a detonation of guitar and drums (Akos & Fabio, respectively) all mere kindling as the song swerves out of a drone in E and into a C# and D. This may not mean anything if you’re not musically inclined but it’s a cracking tactic to unnerve you and allow the vocals to fly in; seemingly out of nowhere. And what a voice Anelise possesses with vocal chords that must be made of toughened leather.

Whereas other YM tracks like ‘Igor The Gypsy’ or ‘Summer of Hate’ rock out like an adrenalized Black Sabbath this is the Punk end of Rock and gives off vapour trails that have the whiff of aviation fuel. I hear elements of Stiff Little Finger, Motörhead or more recently the (sadly disbanded) Estrons. There’s something amazing about the strength of a three-piece band; each instrument in beautiful tension with the others. It makes everyone vital as no one can coast and Yur Mum ride that tension like a seasoned tightrope walker. Snaps to Dan Lucas for using the studio as the fourth member of the band and his production causes the track to leap out of the speakers and demand you give it ALL your attention.

The lyrics (published on their Soundcloud page) are a tactical strike on the sweatshop culture of the title: “Walking past the new Versaces, Clean front doors and royal asses, Sloan straight line of catwalk masses, Showing off to broken classes” and a chorus of “It’s time to sweatshop, On a Black Friday, Fake Satisfaction”. This might not close down the sweatshops but if it moves anyone to think about their consumption-addiction then good work. Yur Mum’s the word.

You can catch Yur Mum on tour:

Jul 02      The Monarch, London, UK
Jul 05      Loddington Grange, Kettering, UK
Jul 13      The Stage Door, Southampton, UK
Jul 26      The Amersham Arms, London, UK
Aug 17   The Birds Nest, London, UK
Aug 30   The Finsbury, London, UK
Sep 06    Club B52, Eernegem, Belgium
Sep 18    The Dublin Castle, Camden, UK
Sep 28    The Cellar, Cardigan, UK
Sep 29    The Amersham Arms, London, UK
Nov 23   The Anvil, Bournemouth, UK

*Fresh On The Net is not affiliated with the BBC and states on the site that is “100% independent” and there to ”help independent musicians find new listeners, and independent listeners find new music.” Every week bands can submit their tracks and a team of moderators sift through around 200 uploads who whittle this down to a more workable 25. These are added to a Soundcloud playlist which the public vote on and those votes create the Fresh Faves selection of only 10. The moderator that week will then research each band, or artist, and write a more detailed account of each of the 10.

Review by Paul F Cook

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