Single Review: Grey Hairs – Tory Nurse

Earlier this month Nottingham band Grey Hairs released their third album (brilliantly) called Health and Social Care. Their first output since 2016’s Serious Business and released via Nottingham’s Gringo Records (home to the awesome Bilge Pump) this LP comes off the back of touring supports with Sleaford Mods, Hey Colossus and Brooklyn’s SAVAK.

Thier new single is the (again) brilliantly titled ‘Tory Nurse’ and it has an equally wondeful and quite mad video directed by David Lilley.

The single itself is an absolute triumph. Gorgeously high in the mix drums throb throughout. And they are complimented by the heavy, crunchy guitars, nice chord progressions and the lazy off key ‘NaNaNa’ backing vocals of the band.

The band follow a loud-quiet-loud formula (albeit with a spasmodic approach to instrumentation) which gives them some great air punching sections with the pained vocals to boot.

It’s hard to figure out what they are exactly singing about. However, if the name of the single and the LP is anything to go by, then it has to be politically charged which is always good with me.

There is an anger there. And as John Lydon famously once said, “anger is an energy” and this is exactly what is needed from bands these days. An energy, whether it’s anger, frustration or whatever. There has got to be substance and meaning in music for it to be worthwhile. Full stop. And Grey Hairs seem to have this in abundance.

They’ve recently wrapped up a short UK tour and just this week recorded a session for Marc Riley on BBC 6 Music, so be sure to catch them the next time they leave the house.

Review by Ioan Humphreys

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