Exclusive Track Premiere: Koenjihyakkei – Angherr Shisspa (live)

Monitoring the Joyzine inbox can something feel like something of a Sissyphean task, just as you clear one swathe of perfunctory garage rock EPs they’re replaced by a legion of slightly-too-earnest-for-their-own-good bedroom singer-songwriters or a horde of long fringed Britpop revivalists, and eventually (usually in the 15 minutes leading up to the next tea break, I find) you end up longing for something, anything that’s not in 4/4 time.  And then something like Koenjihyakkei’s bizarre jazz-prog explosion rockets into your auditory cortex and the hours of sifting suddenly all seem worthwhile.

The Japanese quintet’s fourth album, Angherr Shisspa (Revisited), out in the UK on 20th September via Skin Graft Records, is a dizzying labyrinth of a record that leads you on a twisting, turning journey without ever running into a dead end.  We’re delighted to bring you a first listen of title track ‘Angherr Shisspa’, one of a trio of live recordings included in this expanded version of the LP.

And once you’ve recovered your equilibrium after that, you can also check out a video of the band performing the same track from their live at Koenji High DVD, a different recording from that on the album, below:


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