Single Review: Kim Gordon – Air BnB

Kim Gordon has just released her latest single ‘Air BnB’ from her forthcoming debut solo album, No Home Record, which is out October 11th on Matador Records. The new single and its accompanying “video” is the latest release from the LP after the 2016 release of ‘Murdered Out’ and last month’s ‘Sketch Artist’ (reviewed here).

‘Air BnB’ is a stop-start jerky burst of controlled noisy feedback with spasmodic outbursts triumph! It just screams experimentation and extrication from artistic bonds. The sonic bursts are powerful and brilliantly produced, they stab and jolt the listener into submission. Gordon uses her voice as another instrument as she navigates her way around the 4.10. It really shows off her range and reminds us once again that the Gordon sung tracks on Sonic Youth’s LPs were the ones that showed the real balls. The real aggression. The real power.

The video is hilarious, yet minimalist in its execution. The whole 4.10 is taken up with Gordon describing via white text on a black background how the video would have played out if they could have afforded the video and the Air BnB location in the first place! It takes Gordon full circle to the slogan and text art of Barbara Kruger and Jenny Holzer that influenced her in her pre SY days.

‘Air BnB’ is yet another triumphant track from the forthcoming LP. A lot has been said and written regarding Gordon’s life and departure from Sonic Youth and at some point a line has to be drawn. Over the years, Gordon has proven herself to be a successful recording artist without Sonic Youth (Free Kitten, Harry Crews and Body/Head with Bill Nace) so these latest releases shouldn’t come as any surprise. This is what Kim Gordon does!!!

Gordon is continuing to plough a furrow that so far incorporates free jazz experimentation and sick throbbing beats (‘Sketch Artist’) so who knows what is coming up next? And that ladies and gentlemen, is what I’ve always loved about following this group of NY artists. You never know what they are capable of next. Life affirming stuff. Listen and love it.

Review by Ioan Humphreys

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