Single Review: Fat White Family – I Believe In Something Better

South London’s Fat White Family release the latest single ‘I Believe In Something Better’ from their recent LP Serf’s Up! This is the third release from the LP after ‘Feet’ and ‘Tastes Good With The Money’.

A metronomic beat and an electronic throb start and run throughout this brilliant track. It has a real 80s, almost OMD or Ultravox feel when combined with the distant and removed vocals which themselves are also very reminiscent of Throbbing Gristle via Cabaret Voltaire, with a bit of Joy Division thrown in. The music itself is deliciously odd and uses the keyboards to good effect with a soaring, almost euphoric effect throughout the chorus. Its repetitiveness is what gives the track its power. The title is repeated throughout and is pummelled into the listener’s psyche.

You never quite know what you are going to get from FWF, but what you never get is dull. They are one of a handful of bands that are doing genuinely original and idiosyncratic stuff that feels worthwhile and that has longevity.

This track has an amazing beat and a vocal track that is distant, down in the mix and completely spellbinding. FWF basically do whatever the fuck they want to do and this freedom is what makes their music so engaging and brilliant. Such a great track. I can’t recommend this enough.

Review by Ioan Humphreys

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