Single Review: People & other Diseases – Bored Millennial / Truth or Dare

People and Other Diseases (great name by the way) hail from South Wales and have been making serious waves in the local music scene since 2016. Describing themselves as “from the South Wales sunshine coast. We are diseased, we are the disease” (!!) they are a self proclaimed “3 piece rough post-punk/garage/grunge” band, and boy are they great.

Track one of their three track EP and an impossibly wobbly and throbbing bass threads its way from the start. The barking vocals come in and they bob and weave over the increasingly fractured and pained vocals coming from all sides. The refrain of “when your career takes off, we’ll take the weekend off” is particularly ferocious, and this bleeds into the final third of the opening track with the attacks and vocals laid bare. This track is actually fucking great.

‘Truth or Dare’ is a bass heavy throb with stabs of guitar leading to atmospheric left overs and more instructional vocals from lead vocalist Aled. These lead to strained portions that increasingly become loud and confrontational. Absolutely brilliant stuff.

Third track ‘Breaking Down’ has a gorgeously infectious guitar riff that plays with the confrontational vocal delivery and lyrics. The guitar breakdown at the second half is shabby and brilliantly ramshackle.

Repeated listens to this EP only increase and enforce the belief that People and Other Diseases are an absolutely brilliant band, and across just three tracks, have managed to produce music/art that renders the listener speechless and the DJ wet.

This band mean business, and it’s my/our/your duty to make sure they are heard. I have a good feeling about People and Other Diseases and I don’t think this is the last we will be hearing from them.

Review by Ioan Humphreys /

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