Single Review: Say Sue Me – Good People

I’m not sure there’s much of surfer scene in South Korea, but that hasn’t stopped Say Sue Me imbue their pop sound with laissez-faire sounds and sun slicked melodies.

Cited as one of 2018’s ‘break-out bands’, Say Sue Me are a Surf Rock inspired indie band from Busan, South Korea. Members consist of Byungkyu Kim on lead guitar, Sumi Choi on vocals and rhythm guitar, Jaeyoung Ha on Bass, and support from Sungwan Lim on Drums.

Indie pop and surfer rock combine in ‘Good People’, a pacy tune that rumbles along with energy and connection. Subtle sighs linger at the same time as the bass bounds along under jangling guitars and high school handclaps. A great slice of chiming indie pop, it’s fun and frenetic, in the best possible way. Fast verses give way to a melodic chorus that shimmers with breathy vocals. A bouncing bass line keeps thing moving quickly, and pummelling, sketchy drums add urgency.

In their own words: “This song was written with the last phrase of the song, ‘I just wish you’d spend your time with good people’. When I leave my home and travel longer, I always want to have some connection with my people who are where I’m from. I’ll be somehow changed after this long trip and as I get older, I feel new every day when I travel, but I don’t know if it’s good or bad. When I go home, I try to return to my original me anyway so that people won’t be surprised by my changes. I just want you to spend time with good people while I’m away.”

Review by Francesca Baker

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