EP Review: Johnny Kills – Panic

The always brilliant London/Brighton trio Johnny Kills released their Debut EP ‘Panic’ on November 20th via Killing Moon. This EP has been a long time coming and has been a true labour of love for the band. Through thick and thin, the three band members, brothers Tim and Lewis Lloyd-Kinnings along with Cameron Gipp, have gigged, released tunes (check out my reviews for Louder than War), gigged, released tunes (check out my last review here), gigged and have finally released their debut EP.

The lead track ‘Right Now’ has a tinny, lo-fi and ‘phoned in’ intro which quickly leads into a full on riff heavy verse. The band sing about the trials and tribulations of relationships and who, what, why and how everything went wrong.  These are all close to home observations that could be so hard to swallow and accept from such a young band. But this band are so grown up and the way they have progressed, matured and grown over the last few years is incredible. Their riffs, hooks, choruses and verses have been an absolute joy to live through and I’m so made up that this band are doing so well for themselves.

Johnny Kills are one of my favourite bands around at the moment and I can’t recommend them enough. Have a listen to this, then check out their EP, and then smile. I love Johnny Kills.

Review by Ioan Humphreys: facebook.com/ioan.humphreys / twitter.com/ioan_humphreys
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