Podcast: Hot Sauce Pony on The Joyzine Radio Show

Caroline and Anna from Brixton-based band Hot Sauce Pony join Paul Maps in the studio to talk about the upcoming vinyl release of their debut album and we have our weekly round-up of great new independent music.

Badoom – Scrounge
Don’t Follow Me – Baby Brains
My Boss Was In An Indie Band (Once) – MJ Hibbett & The Validators
Shorts – Stephen Evens
Memory Cassette – Hurtling
All Boys Club – SISTERAY
The Day The World Turned Day-Glo (ft. Momoe Tasker of GUTTS) – Time Dilation Unit
He’s Acquired a New Face – West Wickhams
Doom Lord – Hot Sauce Pony
Curse The Weather – Ham Legion
My Pet Hate In 6/8 – Hot Sauce Pony
Hand – Spratleys Japs
Ice Cream – Black Fendrix Jersk Midi (black midi + Jerskin Fendrix)
Ho – Hot Sauce Pony

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