Single Review: black midi – 953

black midi’s LP Schlagenheim was recorded with legendary Speedy Wunderground producer Dan Carey. Carey, who has overseen the production of bands such as Squid and Black Country, New Road was praised by the band for his quick and unfussy approach.

black midi laid down eight of the record’s nine tracks in just five days. The process was one of refining and rebuilding tracks around the initial structures. Five hour jams would sometimes yield a riff that then became a few bars of a song. As anyone who’s been lucky enough to catch black midi live over recent months will testify, their songs are slippery creatures.

Latest single ‘953’ is their debut album opener and is the THE most immediate and throat grabbing opening riff of the last few years. This riff leads to a quiet break down and vocalisation reminiscent of ‘Tweez’ era Slint which is refreshing and dynamic. This shit is something that most people wouldn’t have previously heard or considered listening to. Yet, it’s one of the most thrilling pieces of music that has been produced in the last few years. The last quarter of the song is the band fast tempoing the second guitar riff until its fractured and chaotic end.

Indescribable, and impossible to pigeonhole, black midi are a perfect band and fascinate me. Their future releases will be scrutinised as closely as these previous releases have. But for the moment, they remain the reason I follow music the way I do.

‘953’ is out on 10/01/2020.

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