Joyzine Podcasts Wrap Up 2019

Two of our regular shows on The Joyzine Podcast Alliance rounded off 2019 with special shows as we look ahead to the new year.  The To & From Show had it’s obligatory end of year show with a selection of presenter Chris Patmore’s favourite indie and underground releases of the year, while The Joyzine Radio Show featured tracks by all of the bands to have shared the airwaves with Paul Maps as guests on the show.  You can listen to both shows and check out their playlists below:

Trash Talk –
Socks – Mummy
Give It All – Wahl
Stuck Inside – Beach Riot
Eyes Wide – Dead Naked Hippies
Lullaby – Something Leather
Sleeper – Calva Louise
Sick Note – Gaygirl
She’s All The Animals – Dead Writers
Creature – Bones UK
Drive – Dutch Mustard
Murder Beach – Enemy of the People
Trouble – Izzy Thomas
E. – Hawxx
Acid Rain – Strange Cages
Mary Jane – Big Peyote
Marijuana – Kit Trigg
Thylacine – Suzie Stapleton
Dark Secrets – Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind
Demons – Mangö
The Witching Hour – Saint Agnes
No Show – Soeur
Into the Unknown – Psyence
Musketeers – Romances
Superstar – Projector
I Hate TV But… – The Slaughter House Band
We’ve Heard This All Before – False Advertising
Another Attack – The Sly Persuaders
Rebel Forever – Avalanche Party
PMF – The Novus
Do You Want Another World – After London
No Real Control – The Trusted

Control Shift – GoGo Penguin

Satellite – Desperate Journalist
Electric – Bugeye
Egg Hunt – Kagoule
Little Cop – Piney Gir
You Know I’m Weird – Short People
Toast for Dinner – Wolf Girl
Faceless Piano Man – REALS
Cryptocurrency – Time Dilation Unit
Cylindrical Fire Escapes – Mike Gale
Block – Peter Richard Adams
Started From – Vodun
Memory Cassette – Hurtling
You Do Then You Don’t – Ben Fox Smith
Vive Les Futiles – Les Futiles
A Snowflake In Winter – Cassels
Year of Rage – deux furieuses
Badoom – Scrounge
Burnt Ends – Hot Sauce Pony
Trash Talk – Lazybones

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