Video Premiere: Mike Gale – Let It Ride

Mike Gale is one of an ever-diminishing group of musicians to have featured in the first ever edition of Joyzine back in 2003 and still be making music – we’ve seen him through various incarnations from his bands Black Nielson and Co-Pilgrim to more recent solo releases and it’s always a pleasure when something new pops up in the Joyzine inbox.

Last year saw the release of his excellent solo LP Summer Deluxe, which we included in our 2019 playlist, and Mike is ready to kick off 2020 with B, C, D Sides Vol. 1, of which he says “The album is a collection of songs that for various reasons haven’t found their way onto other albums. I had about 25 of theses songs so I’ve split them up and this is Vol 1.  It’s a bit of a mish mash of instrumentals, unfinished stuff and fully formed songs that just didn’t fit.  I’ll be releasing a proper full album called The Star Spread Indefinite in September but wanted to get these songs out first.”

From the new collection we’re delighted to bring you the premiere of ‘Let It Ride’, a sumptuous slice of hazy Americana, and its video of which Mike says “I was making the video and had a bunch of weird clips that I was trying to fit together, it wasn’t really working until I came across an old skateboarding video from the 80’s and it just fit with the vibe of the song so I decided to make it the central theme. I think the old surfing clips are from the 60’s maybe and again just fit with the laid back ‘Let It Ride’ kinda vibe.”

B, C, D Sides Vol. 1 is available now as a digital download on a ‘name your price’ basis from Bandcamp.

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