Live in Pictures: Camden Rocks Presents Max Stone, Shea Rafferty, JFK Blue, Tiger Mimic, Francesca Louise, Mohan, Diver + Silent Self at Nightclub Kolis

Camden Rocks returned to Nightclub Kolis this week for another all-dayer of upcoming talent from London and beyond.  The night kicked off with the melodic indie rock of Silent Self, who were followed by alt-rock-folk duo Diver, alt-soul artist Mohan, and London-based singer-songwriter Francesca Louise.  Completing the line-up were CroCroLand indie-rock favourites Tiger Mimic, blues rockers JFK Blue, Northern Irish Americana singer-songwriter Shea Rafferty and Max Stone‘s mix of reggae, soul and r&b.  Rupert Hitchcox caught the linght on camera.

Photography by Rupert Hitchcox:

Max Stone

Shea Rafferty

JFK Blue

Tiger Mimic

Francesca Louise



Silent Self

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