Video Premiere: Time Dilation Unit – Topsy The Elephant

Sax punk psychonauts Time Dilation Unit have opened another wormhole with new single ‘Topsy The Elephant’ taking us back to the early 20th Century Coney Island and the grotesque spectacle of the execution of the eponymous pachyderm by electrocution, poisoning and strangulation at the hands of park owners Frederic Thompson and Elmer Dundy.  They were only prevented from hanging Topsy by the intervention of The American Society for The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Asked about why they chose this subject matter, keyboard player / vocalist Jonny said “Maybe because the emotions are so powerful, so dramatic! I could never imagine myself going to the colosseum in Rome and baying for blood or going downtown to catch a public execution. But people used to do exactly that- and in their droves!”

Drummer James added “Because of this we are releasing the song to raise awareness of our belief that the human race can be cruelty-free and ask anyone reading or listening to visit the website and find out how people are helping elephants in their natural habitats amongst other conservation initiatives and donate or get involved!”

As you might expect it’s a dark and haunting tune with a video to match and we’re bringing you the first chance to see it here on Joyzine today.

‘Topsy The Elephant’ is released on 21st February via Wormhole Records as a digital download and limited edition CD.

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