Track Premiere: Salt The Snail – Junkyard Cat

It’s a familiar music festival scenario: that spot in the schedule where none of the bands you came to see are playing and you’ve got the choice of hitting the food stalls, checking out the merch stand or taking a random stab in the dark at some band you’ve not got a clue about.  I’m very much an option three kind of guy, and to be honest most of the time it results in me standing in front of a ten piece experimental jazz-folk didgeridoo fusion combo or some other such abject nonsense.  But it’s worth it for those rare occasions that you come across some hidden gem that you might otherwise never have discovered.  Last year’s Portals Festival had a higher hit-rate than most, and when we made our way tentatively down the stairs at Aces & Eights to be immediately confronted by a sweat-drenched singer making a mid-set run to the bar before even getting into the show, we knew we’d hit on another winner.  Inside the packed live room all manner of situationist chaos was breaking loose, what little headspace existed was being gradually filled by a toy bubble machine, audience members are randomly awarded pineapples and the set-list is decided by selecting mushrooms with the song-titles written on them in marker pen.  Welcome to the wonderfully odd world of Cheshire punk quartet Salt The Snail.

Salt The Snail (Large)

The band release new single ‘Junkyard Cat’ on Friday – two and a half minutes of garage rock riffing, floor-scraping bass, stop-start drumming and tongue in cheek pop culture references.  We’re delighted to bring you a first listen on Joyzine today:

You can experience the full crazy goodness of their live set on Friday 21st February when Salt The Snail play The Victoria in Dalston alongside Punching Swans in a free entry show.

‘Junkyard Cat’ is released on 20th February, pre-save on Spotify here.

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