Podcast: Glitoris on The Joyzine Radio Show #47

Podcast: Keven 007 of Australian punks Glitoris joins us from Canberra to talk about their new single, upcoming tour and the issues covered on their debut album ‘The Policy’.

Puppy Love – Piney Gir
Don’t Stop – Bugeye
AAAAA – Lady Di
Dirty Old Fart Is Waiting Is Waiting For My Reaction – おとぼけビ~バ~ - Otoboke Beaver
Junkyard Cat – Salt the Snail
Wild Wild Westfield – Charmpit
Why Can’t I Be Cool Enough To Move To Berlin? – Breakup Haircut
Ladies For Babies (Goats For Love) – Nadine Shah
Dreamers – God Damn
Spit Hood – Glitoris
How I Could Just Kill A Man – Rage Against The Machine
Dippin’ My Wick – Glitoris
Walk Like An Egyptian – The Bangles
Slut Power – Glitoris

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