Podcasts: God Damn on The Joyzine Radio Show + New Episode of The To & From Show

In this week’s edition of The Joyzine Radio Show Thom Edward of Birmingham heavy garage rock trio God Damn speaks to Paul Maps about their new album and tour and we’ve our weekly round-up of our pick of the best new independent music.

Slut Power – Glitoris
I Am Not Maternal – おとぼけビ~バ~ - Otoboke Beaver
Less Jools More Top of The Pops – SLIME CITY
Bellicoso – Calva Louise
Unholy Water – GodNo
I Ain’t Goin’ (Nowhere Fast) – The Goodbye Man
Dreamers – God Damn
It’ll All End In Tears – Cherry Pickles
High Frequency Words – God Damn
Animals – Frauds
Satellite Prongs – God Damn

We’ve also got a new episode of The To & From Show in which music photographer Chris Patmore shares the latest releases from the UK and Australian indie music scenes, along with a London gig guide for the coming fortnight.

Automated – Human Pet
Hi Ho Zero – God Damn
Humans – Gelato
Be My Friend – Honey Lung
Basically – Moses
Looking Back – Oli Swan
Carry On – Juliet Garret
I’ll Do It Tomorrow – Hanya
Japanese Racehorse – Gold Baby
Boys Boys Boys – Meggie Brown
10 Seconds – Nia Wyn
Scarecrow – Feather, Wood N String
We Are Just Stones – Ollie English
Sympathy – Hallie
In The Summertime – The Suburbs
Waking Up in L.A. – Debbies
What Am I to You? – Echo Del Tusker
I’m Fine – Tiarnie
Coronavirus Patient Zero – Jason Penna
Swim – OK Hotel
Russ is No Role Model – The Baby Breaks
She’s in a State – H. Grimace
She’s All the Animals – Dead Writers
Repetition – Fez
Musketeers – Romances
Brian’s Tale – Aliceissleeping
Coney Island, Baby – Salvation Jayne

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